GBP/JPY – Scalps

There are 2 scalps here, only amounted to a few pips, but a profit nonetheless.

I’m illustrating here that:

  1. There was an “easy target” for 20 additional pips (1st arrow)
  2. There was an aggressive target, before a sort of “2nd leg” ended

Of course the aggressive target looks great in hindsight. However, it stays true to what we’ve been doing with potential dynamic (trendline) support and resistance and potential static (horizontal) support and resistance.

That could have been 50 pips. The key with this approach is to be on top of the 30, 15 and 5 minute time frames, and be ready to scale out and set a stop loss and take profit.

The “easy target” of 15-20 pips could have absolutely have been achieved while still in Scalp Mode.



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