CAD/JPY – scalp with bollinger bands

A.    This in an engulfing pattern after a close outside of the band. We should note that the candles are relatively large 

B.     The price went up against the short position (see the green dotted line – I did not have a stop loss order in). All I thought of was to draw a fibonacci retracement to see where price could stop. It closed above the 61 level but then moved down with momentum.

C.     The green dotted line was a limit order to take profit which was filled.

D.    Price went 10 pips lower.

Notice anything else?  What can we learn?



Dow scalp – Bollinger Bands


This was a short scalp on MT4’s mobile app based on 5 minute Dow CFD

Entry was on first marked candle, the exit was on the second

This was a risky trade, against momentum. We need to be very nimble with a trade like this.

Price screamed higher after my exit.

Therefore, the profit target was the mid band, at most



Short CAD/JPY | Long NZD/JPY

Hello all,

I didn’t do all that much analysis on these pairs, however I took a shot last night. Entered at market and placed a stop loss and take profit for each.

These were based on triangles. Playing into a triangle and breaking out of a triangle.

I closed them both manually in the morning for less than the initial take profit.