GBP/JPY – Scalp


This is a 1 minute chart. I believe I was referring to the 5 minute when the trade was entered

Now that I made a post or two after a while, I’ll remind you that whatever trades I highlight are my own, and no system or approach is being promoted. Many trades on this page can be considered discretionary, and you’ll notice there isn’t only one template being used.

This trade looked different than it does below as it was made on a mobile device and the template had Bollinger bands and a couple of lines drawn.


I wanted to post it because there are a few interesting things ( to me) to note.

  • this pair has a spread that is not very tight on this non commission account. Everything is relative though, it can really move, as we’ll see
  • The trade received a half pip of positive slippage on the exit
  • After the pullback, starting with the “morning star” type formation, the price had 12 consecutive green bars for a about 20 pips from entry.  I took about 3.




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