“Traders Constitution”

I recently came across a printout from an article related to Psychology.

2 of the bullet-points on the printout were:

  • I continue to educate myself on how markets work
  • I continue to educate myself on how the mind works so that I incur the necessary discipline to execute the right actions for my success

Here is an example of where looking just a little longer at the chart before placing a stop loss order would completely turn things around. The stop needed to be a bit lower than where is was, clearing the area where the middle band ended up. We needed a better candle to use, and it was available.

The price went two times past where the take profit was.

I’m simplifying this a bit. Sometimes we are stingy with our stop losses, they need some technically justified room. Sometimes we are too liberal with them when there is a meaningful level closer to the entry.

We need to follow the two bullet-points.


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