Review – A Few Trading Opportunities


This SHORT trade was exited with a couple pips profit, but grinded lower. In this case I second guessed the trade and exited manually, a few pips above my take profit order. Price then moved even lower, before the move ended with a double bottom on the 1 minute chart.

Review: Not managed very well



DXY – Dollar Index 

This LONG trade was not filled.  Buy limit order missed by a couple of pips. I had it at the round number 100. It then moved up nicely

Review: Not bad. limits are a trade off. A decent trade was called.




This LONG trade was stopped out, fairly tight.  A lot of potential with a trade like this. A great moved happened a little while later.

Review: Not managed extremely well, however with certain approaches, taking a small stop loss is part of the game. Depending on situation, being ready for that big move after a small stop is important.




This LONG trade was filled.  Buy stop order with a tight stop. This was extra speculative because I needed the price to run to the target without retracing much at all. This is an hourly chart. The target was reached but before that the tight stop was taken out.

Review:  It was a decent idea however the risk/reward wasn’t helping. The drawing was simple, and where the price reached the target, was where I had a potential resistance line drawn


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