Index Scalping, FOREX overnights

I was floating a loss on the DOW for much of the session, but managed to pull some profit out.

The AUD/USD and USD/CAD trades set me back, so the DOW brought me to about breakeven.

As far as overnights, I’ve seen a few times that my stop gets taken out and then a nice anticipated move happens. Actually, it can be much more than the anticipated move since we aren’t targeting relatively many pips. The USD/CAD trade is an example of this. I’ve highlighted the area where I entered and was stopped out.







Need to work on stop placement, and try to scale out to get some of these big moves depending what the analysis reveals.  This went 80 pips and I was going for 20.


Similar experience on the AUD/USD,  though I din’t like the set up as much



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