EUR/JPY – Wednesday 9/24


A scalp based on:


  • Trendline analysis
  • Support and resistance


What else is on the chart:


  • Bands
  • Stochastics
  • Fibonacci retracement

These 4 images show a trade after I exited.


The following are 5 minute charts 9/24 evening, NY time.



The 3rd chart shows the entry and exit



There was a break of a long downtrend and some strength on the move up


A steeper, short uptrend line was drawn, and when it broke a short was taken. As soon as I entered the trade started taking heat as the steep trendline was going to be tested.


I exited about 40 minutes later, after the price broke down (through another longer trendline)


8 pips profit.


The price actually made 4 lower lows after that (>100 pips).


sample chart for blog

sample chart for blog 2

sample chart for blog 3

sample chart for blog 4

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