Nasdaq Short Trade

Yesterday afternoon there was a pullback in the Nasdaq. We were able to get short and lock in profit. This morning the price is continuing lower, at least for the moment, and we are still short.

Spot Gold Day Trade

Here we have a rare trade in Gold. specifically the XAU/USD pair.

There was a Sell Limit order which was filled (short position).

When we look at the 5 minute chart, price was rallying higher after the initial move that brought the trade into profit.

It didn’t look like it would continue lower so it was decided to close the trade manually. +9 Points

USD/CHF – Forex Trade

On this Long Trade, we don’t have the best entry, however there is a stop at break-even and an aggressive target from here would be about 70 PIPS. The stop is not in an ideal place, and therefore the chances are pretty good that it will be stopped out unless price starts moving higher as we approach the closing of the U.S. markets.

Update: This trade was manually closed for +14 PIPS