CAD/JPY – Long Trade +90 pips

I do not trade this pair often. It was all about the chart.

For novice traders – What does 90 pips mean?

If you go to Google to find the pip value for a Standard Lot of currency, you’ll see that a pip is worth just over 9 dollars for this pair.

So that would be $810. In how long?

Notice that the entry and exit are marked on the chart. Each candle is 4 hours so we can easily figure out roughly how long the trade lasted.

Nadex Silver Binary Option Trade

This is an example of a long option trade on Silver. It is important to note that this is a weekly option that starts trading on Sunday night.

This amounted to about +40% and it was closed in less than a day.

I personally do not like that this platform doesn’t have the chart of the option itself. What is shown is the chart of Silver, the underlying instrument.